[:en]We are pleased to have the website up and running again, a sincere thank you for your understanding and patience at this time which is highly appreciated by the whole team here at CBD Brothers.

The new site is functioning correctly so orders and emails will be processed/answered respectively as before. We will be adding more new features in the following weeks (once we have caught up from the backlog) including bio’s from the team and videos showing how to make organic alternatives for yourself,  if any of you lovely people have suggestions please let us know?.

We are extremely pleased to finally have confirmation from the MHRA that we can again post lab test results so you will see these below each individual product, independently tested at two of Europe’s leading Cannabis analysis laboratories every month.

We also have some exciting announcements we will share with you very soon regarding new products, new locations and one we are extremely proud to announce; accreditation by a highly respected, extremely knowledgable and long standing association.[:]