This section is where you can find out a little bit more about us from those people who have come to meet us and then written about it on blogs and websites, we have featured in a number of national media article but sadly we are unable to publish them on here, a quick internet search will bring them up.


In the mean time have a read of these –

Community donations –

    Secret World wildlife rescue –

As part of our commitment to community projects we have asked our readers to help choose a charity where we can donate £1000, after running a poll on Facebook for 7 days the winner has been selected, with a large majority this was the secret world wildlife rescue! Samantha Hannay from the SWWR has told us that the money will be split 50/50 to be used to cover the veterinary health checks that are needed for our orphaned badger and fox cubs to ensure they continue to stay healthy through their rehabilitation with us over the next few months before being released at the end of the summer, and to purchase specialist milk feed for these cubs which they need as part of their weaning process. A badger cub can get through about 3 tins of this specialist milk during weaning which costs £40 a tin. We currently have 29 fox cubs and 8 badger cubs on site at the moment so this donation will be a huge help.

Were very happy to be able to assist such a important cause.

Secret World Download PDF

    Riverwalk special needs school –

As some of you may or may not know CBD Brothers are very active in the local community supporting local projects and providing equipment for, schools, recourse centres and generally any organization that needs assistance.

The assistance we offer is provided out of the funds we make from CBD Brothers sales. Once we have paid our bills we put a little aside every week to go towards a local project or school, this time we offered to help with the purchasing of a specific piece of equipment for our local school for children with special needs, the school, Riverwalk ( in Bury St Edmund’s is the educational setting for children aged 3 -19 who have severe, profound and complex learning needs. After recently relocating to a new site they put out a call asking for donations to help buy equipment that would help the children within that setting, we were all to happy to oblige.

So we were given a list of equipment that the school needed, we opted for a brilliant piece of technology called a Clever touch, ( the Clevertouch is effectively a very large tablet that is attached to the wall with a special bracket that allows the screen to be placed in such a position that all children, regardless of ability or mobility can access. This is preinstalled with some pretty amazing programs that have been shown to improve those children who use its ability to communicate, as well as helping with personal interactions, turn taking and a whole host of other vital life skills.

Jan Hatchell (headteacher) had this to say – The pupils at Riverwalk EYFS(Early Years and Foundation Stage) we’re thrilled by the installation in their classroom of a new interactive touch screen. The Clevertouch Screen allows our pupils to access learning individually and as a group. Many of our pupils need support to communicate, and the highly motivating activities engage them in making responses. This is one of the first steps in communicating. Taking turns is another vital skill to develop and the size of the screen facilitates this by reducing the time a pupil has to wait.

We are extremely grateful to Ben Birrell, Andrew Bayley and the customers of CBD Brothers for their donation that has enabled the school to purchase the screen.

Riverwalk School is very proud of our local community and the continued support they offer us.

On Wednesday the school asked that the team come up to the school for a presentation where we were allowed to play with the screen and see how the children interacted whilst being photographed for the local paper. We also ate our way through a very nice selection of biscuits, kindly provided by Jan and the team at Riverwalk.

We thought we would share this particular story with you because we feel that you also deserve some of the praise and thanks for enabling us to provide this equipment, without your support this type of donation would not be possible, we are able to make a real difference to peoples live and just as importantly promotes cannabis extracts in a positive light.

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