Black Edition CBD Oil

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Whole Plant Extract with > 30% CBD extracted from female Cannabis Indica plants, only the buds/flowers are used for the best quality. Diluted in Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil.


10ml contains:

  • 2000mg Whole plant extract with 30% CBD
  • 8000mg Hemp Seed Oil
10ml – 2000mg of whole plant extract with at least 30% CBD diluted in organic hemp seed oil.
30ml –  (3x10ml) Contains 6000mg of whole plant extract with > 30% CBD.


Nutritional information;

 Typical Values per 10ml

Protein                                                 – NIL
Carbohydrate                                       – NIL
of which is Sugars                             – NIL
Fat                                                        – 10g
of which is Saturates                         – 0.9g
of which is Monounsaturates            – 1.1g
of which is Omega 9                         – 1.1g
of which is Polyunsaturates               – 7.0g
of which is Omega 6                          – 5.2g
of which is Omega 3                          – 1.7
Fibre                                                      – NIL
Sodium                                                  – NIL

We use whole plant extract > 30% CBD extracted from female Cannabis Indica plants, only the buds/flowers are used for the best quality. Quality does matter! >>>>>HANDMADE<<<<<< Made of the best dutch high CBD strains (Only the buds/flowers are used for highest quality oil). Unlike mass production…The plants that are used for our oil have received NO chemicals to grow and are only combined with organic ingredients. Every week we are importing batches of the highest quality and longest shelf life. Shelf life is 2 years if stored in a cool and dark place. Yes we are a bit more expensive than other sellers, we only sell oil of the highest quality! We are a UK based business and supplier of CBD products. Made in our own laboratory using only the finest grade Cannabis whole plant extracts grown and extracted in the Netherlands combined with only organic ingredients.


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10ml, 30ml

8 reviews for Black Edition CBD Oil

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    My sister Rachel has pancreatic cancer been taking your CBD oil for the last 5 months and her tumour has continued to shrink each month, it is aprox shrinkage of 40 % now. Just want to say thank you for providing this.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Hi Andrew

    I just thought that you might share my delight in my wife’s progress.
    She has just been told the tumour on her liver has reduced by 50%
    and the cancers in her oesophagus has DISAPEARED!
    Once again i thank you for sending you’re amazing products and your
    kind heart for helping us.
    kindest regards


  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    I could not rate these guys more highly. CBD Brothers, you have made a very sick man feel human again & hopefully cancer free. I am overwhelmed by your kindness & the effectiveness the oil has had. I too have started taking the White Edition oil & already I have noticed a massive difference! I have friends & family that I know will benefit greatly & have decided to get them the oil also. I am so amazed & so grateful that something so life changing is available & can truly help so many people.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    I just wanted to add a final review to say that the results are back & after using the Black CBD oil my friend has now been given the all clear & is cancer free! 🙂

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Hi guys just to say that i was given 6 to 9 months in October 2015 . started chemo and the black oil in Dec 15 on the last scan all had gone(10cm in bowel) Had operation as well just in case on Friday 8th july2016 and all is good.Thanks to all those guys that have saved my life. Paul Norwich

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Stage 4 metastasized aggressive neuroendocrine tumours. Last year carbo / etop chemo. The sickness was horrendous until i started using CBD ( cannabis based). Second week i was able to stop taking antisickness meds and painkillers. This year i had slight increase in tumours and i started Folfiri chemo regimine. Week 1 no cbd, took prescribed meds and felt like sh*t. Reordered from here and week 2 put a stop to the meds. Im on cbd 4 x 250mg per day and it is amazing. Great service and an outstanding product.

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    I have stage 4 Metastatic breast Cancer which has spread to the bones. When I first found out I goggled everywhere and came across this site . I like the fact it was organic, I tried the paste first and then the black edition. I stopped when I had the radiotherapy and began again with the red edition 3 weeks after, my tumours have shrunk from 23ml to now 4ml. I do not take any hormones tablets as prescribed,but do have the bone injection once a month. I have only taken 2 weeks off from work while having the operation to move the lumps. I am a positive person and have cut my hours to 30 per week , some days are great some are not. The drops taste like xxxx but who cares I believe it working .

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    Dear CBD Brothers,
    Your Black Edition CBD oil carried me through the most challenging time of my life with breast cancer. Although I took chemo, since my lymph nodes were infected, I wanted to have some control with what I chose to put in my body. Your oil, along with good food helped me bounce back hugely between treatments. I barely had any nausea and felt calm and relaxed throughout.
    Quality oils such as your Black Edition are hard to find these days. Thank you so much for all your extra support at my difficult time.
    Big respect and much love to you all 😀💖

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