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Whole Plant Extract > 30% CBD extracted from female Cannabis Indica plants grown in a controlled environment for maximum cannabinoid content, only the buds/flowers are used for the extract of the highest quality. Diluted in Organic Hemp Seed Oil.


10ml contains:

  • 500mg Whole plant extract with 30% CBD (This is the CBD content of the extract NOT the total % of CBD in each bottle)
  • 9500mg Hemp Seed Oil
10ml – 500mg of whole plant extract with at least 30% CBD diluted in organic hemp seed oil.
30ml –  (3x10ml) Contains 1500mg of whole plant extract with at least 30% CBD .




Nutritional information;

Typical Values per 10ml
Protein                                                  – NIL
Carbohydrate                                       – NIL
of which is Sugars                                – NIL
Fat                                                        – 10g
of which is Saturates                            – 0.9g
of which is Monounsaturates                – 1.1g
of which is Omega 9                             – 1.1g
of which is Polyunsaturates                  – 7.0g
of which is Omega 6                              – 5.2g
of which is Omega 3                              – 1.7
Fibre                                                      – NIL
Sodium                                                   – NIL

We use whole plant extract > 30% CBD extracted from female Cannabis Indica plants, only the buds/flowers are used for the best quality. Quality does matter! >>>>>HANDMADE<<<<<< Made of the best dutch high CBD strains. Unlike mass production the plants that are used to extract oil have received NO chemicals to grow and are only combined with organic ingredients. Every week we are importing fresh batches of the highest quality extracts. Shelf life is 2 years if stored in a cool and dark place. We are a UK based business and supplier of CBD products, made in our own laboratory using only the finest grade Cannabis whole plant extracts grown and extracted in the Netherlands combined with only organic ingredients.

Additional information


10ml, 30ml

28 reviews for White Edition CBD Oil

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    I have heard good things about cbd brothers. Have to yet try their product but seems like the only company that sells cannibas based cbd oil

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    This oil has helped me more in a month than my medication has since I was diagnosed with Epilepsy 7 years ago. Recently it go so bad that I couldn’t wake up early as I was having absence fits and shakes, I was constantly tired and I always looked drained, pale and like I was fresh from hospital. Now I am starting a normal 9-5 job which means I am waking up early and its fine, I do not look ill and I am more than happy not to wear make up all the time. As I look well rested and I do not have green circles around my eyes. I can even go out for a night out and be able to stay out till 3 am and not be bed bound the next day. I am live and kicking while the rest of my healthy friends are hanging. I do not feel like I have epilepsy. After having epilepsy for 7 years I clearly do not remember life much before it. It is so strange to feel like I do not to have it, being a bit sleepily doesn’t bother me as I know the chances of a seizure are very low. ( I almost enjoy it as my body does not ache of exhaustion, because I guess this is what most people feel like) . I am singing CBD brothers praises all the time. I am 23 and I can safely say CBD brothers have given me my life back.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    For the last 12 years I have suffered from quite crippling pain in my chest. I have had to take paracetamol, tramadol & warferin every day since I first came ill. I suffer from Lupus and It caused blood clots in my lungs, plus a huge buildup of fluid in my chest which was drained 12 years ago. This caused a lot of damage to my chest cavity and a lot of inflammation. The pain can be very relentless & unbearable and on a number of occasions i was taking nearly twice the recommended dose of pain killers just to get through the day. This in turn started to affect my liver and recently i had noticed a lot of discomfort in that area.
    I decided I would try some of this oil out and have been using it for only about ten days, however the results so far are incredible. Its now been ten days since I last took any pain killers, Something i have not been able to do since i got ill.
    I just wish I had known about it sooner as it could have saved me a whole lot of agony. The only agony I now have is that the bottle leaked and over 1/2 the bottle was lost 🙁 So another order is being put through much quicker then i had planned.
    thanks for supplying this CBD brothers, you are making a big difference to the quality of my life thats for sure.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Last year I was diagnosed with severe Multiple Sclerosis, I was offered a choice between several different medications each administered via intravenous drip. I had heard that cannabis is sometimes the only thing that helps people with MS and whilst deciding there must be a better way than medication to manage my condition, I learned of CBD oil. After lots of research I found CBDBrothers to be the right choice for me. I ordered a bottle of white edition oil and took 2 drops as soon as it arrived. Within 15 minutes I felt the muscles in my body, especially my arms and legs relax. They had previously been so tight as the spasticity in my arms and legs had been increasing each week. I continued to take 2-4 drops a day and each week my muscles became more and more relaxed. After 5 weeks the muscles in my legs felt ‘normal’ I could actually walk properly without limping or stumbling, with no walking stick and virtually pain free. After 6 weeks my brain function returned to normal, MS had caused many problems with memory, speech, thought process and spacial awareness. I have continued to take the oil along with eating healthily and doing gentle exercise. Almost 12 weeks on I take 2 drops every other day. My specialist and physiotherapist were amazed at how much better I am, so much so, that I no longer need to see either of them. Thank you CBDBrothers.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    I have tried many different CBD products and been quite disappointed. I have found that CBD brothers white label oil is a little more expensive than other oils, however, this oil really works. For me, three drops daily keeps my pain in check which in turn helps to brighten my mood. Fast delivery, excellent service, I can highly recommend.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Great product have noticed a difference in my wellbeing in just 1 day

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    I have had insomnia in different forms for 22 years, fibromyalgia for 17 years and eczema on my hands for 2 years (possibly hormonal as I am perimenopausal). I have been taking the White Edition for 3 weeks now and I have slept since the very first night, and even when the odd hot flush wakes me I can get back to sleep – unheard of before. I sleep deeper and don’t dread bedtime which used to be so daunting because as soon as I lay down my body would feel like someone dropped a ton of bricks on me, and even if I appeared to be sleeping a part of me was conscious all through the night, waking in the morning felt like being hit by a bus, and I often had to work really hard to find my joy for my son through the day under the cloud of relentless pain and discomfort and depression from no sleep. I am now so much more relaxed and at ease through the day, and I recover quicker from exertion and with less distress. My FM is not cured but my life has improved significantly already so for the first time years I have allowed myself to indulge in Hope. Also my hands are clear of eczema for 5 days now… maybe the cycle has lengthened the cycle, maybe it has gotten rid of it completely, but once again, even a break in it meaning I can wash my hair without my hands burning, and crochet without my skin catching on the yarn is fantastic 🙂

    If I am able to update this after 2 or 3 months I will. Good luck to everyone on their journey to wellness x

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    I have been using the white edition drops alongside the balm & am amazed how well this works. Having fibromyalgia amongst other health conditions as well as mental health issues, my pain levels have decreased, have managed to cut my meds already, & my anxiety levels are less severe. Even having a “flare up” recovery seems to be a lot quicker. I have recommended your products to a few of my fibro friends & I know a couple have of them have purchased your product. Thanks again, CBD Brothers.

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    I have been using the white addition for a month and it has provided welcome relief from muscular aches and pains.
    I’ve also found my sleep has been greatly improved and my skin ailments are improving.
    Great medicine from the CBD brothers.
    Much thanks and gratitude

  10. Rated 5 out of 5

    I have chronic rheumatoid disease (more than 20 years) and breast cancer (diagnosed in January), for which I am undergoing chemotherapy. I bought white oil and paste capsules and take around three drops daily plus I rub the paste into the tumour.
    The tumour is shrinking – I can’t say whether it’s just the chemo or if it’s the paste but when I don’t rub the oil in I notice that the tumour throbs. Similarly, when I take the oil, I am more mobile, have less pain and my mood is brighter. My partner can tell the difference. I also seem to be having a better time with chemo than others are.
    I call that a result!
    I recommend trying it.

  11. Rated 5 out of 5

    Have been using for a few weeks blue edition , for general well being .. It dose what it says on the bottle . Excellent
    I know it says nothing on the actual bottle , but you know what I mean ..

  12. Rated 5 out of 5

    I would like to share my experience using CBD Brothers white edition oil as I have been using it for the past 2 months and on my second bottle.

    Both bottles I have ordered arrived next day as promised and were both presented in a lovely box with the instructions on recommended use.

    I started with the recommended 2 drops 2 or 3 times a day for the first 2 weeks and noticed a very slight improvement in my anxiety and asthma…so I decided to boost my way up to 4 drops twice daily as after experimenting with drops I found this is the best dose for my ailments.

    Although admittedly I didn’t see much improvment in my general anxiety for a few weeks I can now say with a smile on my face that after 2 months of daily use my anxiety is almost non existent…I sometimes think to myself I would normally worry about this…! But my thoughts are so much more rationale now and I know its the oil working its magic!

    I have realised that the less anxiety I have has given me less acid reflux which in turn has helped my asthma!! I am now wondering whether the high strength cbd capsules will help my asthma further as it will mean even less inflammation in my body.

    Although I still use my steroid preventer inhaler daily I have not had to use my reliver nearly half as much…example I used to get wheezy and need to use my reliever between 3-5 times per week but since using the oil I have only had to use it 5 times in 2 months! Also off my omeprazol meds for acid and heartburn.

    So yes defiently thinking about the capsules next, if this is the case I will reveiw further.

    But so far I am a very happy and a committed customer of CBD Brothers!! Keep up the good work!!

  13. Rated 5 out of 5

    Recently bought this after reading a lot about the benefits of CBD oil for various ailments. My father has PSP. His speech improved to the point where he is understood in the first sentence. He is able to swallow better and his general movement to do small tasks has improved.

  14. Rated 5 out of 5

    Excellent. Anxiety and temper levels are at last at an acceptable level. General feeling of well being.

  15. Rated 5 out of 5

    my girlfriend got me this as i had a tumor removed but still tumour cells there i refused radiothrea cause am agaish it i so beliuve in the plant scent i have been using this i feel so much better starting feel like meself again half my pain away and i sleep better so hoping when i go for scans the cells are goin away i will never take other drug the doctors give me am just using them for scans cbd is way forward
    thanks you guys for giving my life back

  16. Rated 5 out of 5

    I have suffered with Fibromyalgia for 15 yrs. At the begining I was house bound, could hardly move & in excruciating pain constantly. So over the years my medication has grown to taking a worrying amount of pain killers etc etc. Weight gain has been ridiculous & am now taking all these medications, but not sure they are now recquired as generally in a lot better place health wise.
    So since last September, I have been trying to ween myself off some of these drugs especially the weight gaining one, which seems the most difficult.
    So, worried how I was going to stay on track & cope with the pain through Dec & xmas, thought I would try CBD oil. Read numerous reports which lead me to this site with its highly recommended service & quality oils, bought the Blue Label edition. First couple of weeks was an improvement, but not as musc as hoped. Maybe not correct dosage .. but decided to have a final attempt with the White Edition .
    The difference this has made to me so far is amazing. Pain related prescribed meds down from 7 items to 4 . Of the 4 I have reduced dosage on 2. My weight has finally started to come down & I am over the moon.
    I highly recommend this CBD Brothers & hope others will benefit from this product like I have.

  17. Rated 5 out of 5

    i started cbd purple edition paste as it was my free sample and not knowing difference in the colour coded editions i picked purple as its one of my fav colours, well as soon as it arrived i started taking a rice grain amount on my finger and putting it under my tongue and omg it tasted vile like eating part of your garden lol it really was vile…. anyhow i didnt know what to expect but the next day( after having suffered with swelling in both my hands every morning) i got up feeling more rested and wayhay no swelling i was elated at this , just realised forgot to mention i am 57 yrs old with arthritis and fibromyalgia, i have a disabled 29 year old son who is soley dependant on my care so a hard task wen u suffer with the pain i have experienced for awhhh 7-8 years or more and can safely say i am addicted to co-codamol30/500 as those are my prescribed painkillers…..anyhow i have finished thr purple paste and have already purcased the blue paste….reading a lot off reviews here i see a lot of you like the white edition so think i will purchase this next….i have set myself by a little saving tin which i put £1-£2 in each day so i have some money towards my next batch…. i feel so much better still on painkillers but trying to phase them out although will do this gradually as i have been on them for so long….cbd is the first thing to have given me some hope that i can care for my son without it being tiring and painful i am so grateful for finding out about cbd through you tube etc and absolutely trust and recommend CBD Brothers all i can say is dont knock it till you try it , cbd is helping me thank goodness…..thank you CBD Brothers…..

  18. Rated 5 out of 5

    I have been taking this oil for about 2 weeks a couple of drops before i go to bed in the evening,it has helped with pain and have had the best night sleep in years,i have also found it has helped to uplift my spirit Thankyou

  19. Rated 5 out of 5

    Thank you, thank you…..
    I have been suffering from advanced and widespread Peripheral Diabetic Neuropathy for quite a while now, with it slowly spreading through out my body it causes me great discomfort and stress.
    The main areas it affects are my legs and feet, testicles, hands and arms with it now appearing on parts of my face and top of my head. The Diabetes had been undiagnosed for to long, damaging my nerve endings by stripping off the casing at the ends of each nerve. The result being my nerve endings are continually firing out the wrong signals, causing great and sometimes debilitating pain. This then has a impact on my stress levels which in turn makes my diabetes crash, due to the strength of my medication/side effects I general don’t feel a hypoglycaemic(hypo) attack until my levels are dangerously low 2.3 or 1.9 are not uncommon and have at least 1 hypo per day.
    I take very strong painkillers, Tramadol 400mg (Max Dosage), Pregabalin 600mg (Max Dosage) every day, topped up with Ketamine or Oramorph when needed.

    So, 3 weeks ago I started with the White 30% Edition and have been totally gobsmack with the over effect it has had, why why why did I not think of this 8 years ago. I do smoke which helps a bit but nothing like the oil. Thanks guys for the hope you have given me….I can wear clothes again without too much discomfort.
    I will be trying out your other products to find the one that suits me. Cheers. Peace, light and much love 🙂

  20. Rated 5 out of 5

    I have not tried the white addition yet (but ordering after this review) I have been taking the cbd capsules for a couple of months now, I have type 1 diabetes, I have diabetic retinopathy and an ulcer on my leg that has only been getting bigger over the past 10 years as there is nothing the docs can do for it. After taking the cbd capsules for a few days I noticed my vision clear a little (this may have been because I was doing eye exercises) but my sugar levels go from 20 to a steady 7-8 when I continually take the cbd and the red angry looking ulcer on my leg no longer looks red and angry!! It has become a light pink colour, turning red and nasty looking only when I stop the cbd. After reading the reviews for this white addition oil, I am going to bite the bullet and pay the little extra to try this and see if I get better results?
    Oh my blood pressure comes down to normal when I take the capsules too but I have to stop taking the niphedopine when taking the cbd as it could have a reaction, nothing has ever happened to me but best to be safe 🙂 I’ll update once I try this white addition oil.

  21. Rated 5 out of 5

    I have been suffering with slipped discs , hip dislocation and stomach complaints and I’ve been prescribed everything the usual tramadol and neurotonin etc etc and it didn’t work , and obviously these awful drugs come with awful side effects . This is a simple review of the Cbd oil really I’ve tried the blue , white and red and they all work , the pain eases , sleeping is not a problem and no side effects . A great product , a great company and a wonderful gift from nature .

  22. Rated 5 out of 5

    Being new to CBD and having a wife with fibromyalgia I took the chance of buying some CBD. Well I can tell you that using CBD morning and night has reduced my wife’s pain by 60%. I monitored pain levels over 3 weeks using a 1-5 system and instead of being 4-5 it is now 1-2. Which is quite significant when it comes to Fybro pain. I also use Tumeric capsules and Co enzyme Q10 capsules to fight inflammation. I am in no way saying that this is a cure, there has been a couple of days where she does more physical tasks and feels pain in arm and legs. I would recommend this to anybody with Fybro, give it a try as we are very happy with the results. I also bought the blue edition and now mix them both and interchange them, blue edition in the morning and white edition at night. CBD brothers are in this for health and the right reasons and always find them quick to deliver and so many other people I know recommend them. Thank you guys.

  23. Rated 5 out of 5

    My son (age 13) has Complex Regional Pain Syndrome which is one of the most acute neurological pain conditions there is. He also has Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome, hypermobility in his major joints and life threatening allergies. The pharmaceutical medication thrown at him over the years had given him problems with his bowels, sleeping (night terrors) and mental state (severe anxiety.)
    His quality of life was so poor that he could barely manage to school and he was losing interest in everything.
    A friend recommended CBD and CBD Brothers so we got in touch thinking that we had nothing to lose.
    Started my boy on the blue capsules and within a couple of weeks he was more comfortable painwise and sleeping better. Six weeks ago after learning more about CBD and the many varieties (I recommend joining the Facebook CBD CONSUMERS GROUP) we introduced the white oil and WOW!
    Nausea gone overnight
    Pain reduced to 10%-the best he’s ever felt, within 7 days
    Anxiety reduced and OCD almost gone
    Diarrhoea and IBS gone
    Sleeping through the night
    Appetite returned
    Colour in the cheeks

    But most of all my previously sunny and happy boy is back!
    He’s managing full days at school, he’s starting to exercise and has resumed his physiotherapy. It’s so wonderful to see. We’ve managed to cut the toxic prescription drugs to a bare minimum and introduced vitamins co-enzymes alongside his CBD.

    My son’s conditions are chronic and likely to be lifelong but by managing the symptoms so effectively he’s now got the chance to enjoy life just like his friends……

    I Cannot recommend this product highly enough!

  24. Rated 5 out of 5

    Best thing I’ve ever discovered, just wish it was sooner,anyhoo i started on the purple capsules and white oil drops during the day ,within 24 hrs after having a full uninterrupted sleep! In at least 20 yrs, pain decreased to a bare minimum, i don’t need to take Pregablin 600mg ,codeine, diazepam and sleeping tablets, I’ve now reduced these all to half,still have a bit of inflammation in the hands and burning which has affected me badly for the last 5 months,i cant drive,but im going to look into more cbd brothers oils,pastes etc.The brothers are great & have replied to my many emails,always helpful and just a great business by honest guys, its hard to find esp these days. Abú cbd brothers go raibh Mhaith agut

  25. Rated 5 out of 5

    Received a sample of this, which I was very grateful for. Had extremely bad neuralgia pain all down my spine, one of the many pains associated with ME.. I took a couple of drops of white oil and it calmed quite a lot. Repeated the next morning and by lunch time it has subsided. When I am this bad it usually hangs around for days, so was very impressed. What a great product. A bit pricey for me to use regularly as I haven’t been able to work for years but good to have when extreme pain sets in. Thank you.

  26. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I have Multiple Sclerosis and Elhers Danlos Syndrome. I have been taking white edition for nearly a year and it really has calmed my life. I have 60% less pain and am able to sleep much better. It enables me to use my body for work and exercise. I am an advanced Pilates instructor and would recommend this product to anyone with any nervous system disorder.

  27. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I am using the white Indica and I started out with two drops I the morning for a week and a half then thought I wasn’t there yet. I just took 3 drops and held it under my tongue for like 3 minutes and boy this is where I need to be. My Fybromyalgia feels better and because my Thyroid runs in Hyper mode because I have Hashimotos my mind races. This amount slowed it down to normal. I will probably use 3 drops tonight if I need to sleep.

  28. Rated 5 out of 5

    I have rheumatoid arthritis, got really sick after having my second babe recently.
    Since March my life been hell. I was disabled for last 4 months been in AGONY everyday, could not do anything with my arms and the pain with it was horrendous. Everyday I had a massive flare ups with flu symptoms and depression that was the outcome of my illness. I have never started conventional medication as I do not believe they cure the cause and they can do more harm then good. I was looking for natural solution through the diet change and natural remedies.
    I was familiar with Cannabis oil before as I know how miracle this plant is. I have tried CBD brothers and the quality of this oil is amazing!! This is a brand you can trust. I cant believe what a difference it made!!! I am pain free!!! My flare ups reduced 95% since I take this oil! Also, I can move my arms and the most important take care of my kids! Thank you CBD brothers for this God Send miracle oil!! I can not imagine my life without it now. I am happy normal functioning person again! Keep up the good job CBD Brothers I can not imagine my life without it now!!! thank you so much you have changed my life!!!!

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