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The Original Alternative

The first supplement company in the UK to be given a license to grow cannabis on the isle of Guernsey.

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We can be contacted by email via our contact form – HERE

Facebook – HERE

Telephone: 01359 242589, phone lines are open between 9:30-12:30 Monday to Friday.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept calls outside of these times as we’re a small company and won’t have time to get any other work done.

You can also follow our daily operations on social media via Instagram – HERE & Twitter – HERE

The song we use whilst you are on hold is Macka B ‘Medical Marijuana Card’ and it’s available on all formats, so please support the record by buying it. You can also watch the video on youtube – HERE

Due to the Government not recognizing cannabis as having any medicinal value- we are categorically not allowed to make any recommendations. If we do, the MHRA and other agencies could consider this as making a claim about our oil as treatment, therefore promoting it as medicine- which is illegal and if found to be breaking these rules, we as a company could be shut down.
The other reason we cannot make recommendations is that we just don’t know. Everybody has an endocannabinoid system, which is the system that directly interacts with the compounds in cannabis to promote wellbeing. We as humans, have different lifestyles and interactions and as such our bodies will respond differently to the individual extracts- which means what is good for one, may not be good for another. For example, two people with the same condition on paper may respond differently to the exact same extract. This is why we offer a range of extracts in the hope that when you choose our oils, you will be able to find the best to suit you as an individual- maximising the feeling of wellbeing.

We offer three main types of extract, each sourced from a different category of Cannabis plant- Indica, Sativa and Hybrids (the latter, a combindation of Sativa & Indica). These extracts are all full plant extracts, each offering a different cannabinoid and terpene profiles, which in turn promote the feeling of wellbeing in different ways in different people. If after doing your own research and checking one of any number of online independent consumer groups, you are still unsure, please contact us and we will arrange for a sample of our Indica and Sativa range to go out to you to try. Once you have tried these you can then contact us to discuss how you’re feeling and if the oil is something you would like to try. There are lots of the afore mentioned independent groups on Facebook who would be happy for you to contact them for advice, one such group is Herbal Alternatives where users are able to more openly discuss their own personal experiences.

As a company we have always provided our customers with free samples and are proud to continue doing so, however- due to ever increasing volumes of requests, we’ve had to revise our system. If you would like a free sample please email us at with your full name, email, phone number & postal address including details of the sample you would like to try. However, please be aware- due to the number of daily requests, we have had to limit them to a maximum of 2 per customer and there may be up to a 12 week wait.

Alternatively, if you would like to try something sooner- we have listened to customer feedback and made our samples available from the website shop available – HERE at a reduced rate. The oil samples contain 5ml and the balm samples 10ml and there are no limits on the number of samples you can purchase- so you can try more than 2 oils for example, should you so wish.

We use 4 different extracts grown by licensed growers, in different conditions to make our wide range of products.

Our green edition is extracted from cannabis sativa, which is grown outdoors and our Blue edition is from hemp sativa which is grown outdoors and both from farms in Europe.

The purple range is a Hybrid which is indica dominant. It is made up of 30% sativa and 70% indica. The cannabis that is used to produce this extract is grown outdoors in Holland.

Our White, Red and Black Editions  all use the same Cannabis Indica extract diluted to 3 different concentrations. This strain is grown under lights in a controlled environment for maximum cannabinoid content, yield and profile. The cost of production is much higher and for this reason the price too. A percentage of the sales from these editions goes towards our compassion programme.

Again, due to the way people interact with the extracts it is difficult to offer advice so we generally suggest that people start slow and build up.

Oil – 2-3 drops for 5 days then adding another drop for a further 5 days until, hopefully, you find a level that helps.

Capsules – Always start with a low does 50mg and work your way up, do this for a further 5 days and increase if need be.

Paste – We would suggest that you use an amount the size of a grain of rice (1 – 2 per dosing) and rub it into your gum, this will allow the cannabinoids to be absorbed into the system. This can be done at any time of day either before or after eating.

These methods will allow the cannabinoids to be absorbed into the system. This can be done at any time of day either before or after eating. Please allow 2 hours between taking pharmaceutical medication and our products. Stick with this routine for 5 days and see how you feel, if you think you need to go a little stronger then add another dose to the routine and do as above for 5 days.

[The Original Alternative] range of CBD oils is to be taken sublingually (under the tongue). The pricey Guernsey Gold Edition oil is the champagne of CBD oils.

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Recommended by Johan Sobel of The Drug Store, Joe Oliver of CBD:LDN and Dr Natalie Geary of CBD Porter.