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Welcome to the first of our ‘grow’ blogs. Over the coming months we intend taking our customers on a journey – to share with you our vision and to continue forging strong relationships with everyone who loves our products and shares our passion for CBD.

As you already know, CBD Brothers / The Original Alternative is, and has always been, the only company in the Channel Islands to hold a license to extract CBD and THC. Our greenhouse and laboratory on Guernsey continue to flourish and from there we are currently growing six new hemp and cannabis strains, 2 indica, 2 hybrid and 2 sativa for both the home and international recreational and commercial markets. Our greenhouse is Government approved and licensed, and as we have control of the entire process from soil to seed, from plant to finished product  we will be creating a truly unique product range, utilising the most innovative equipment and extraction methods guaranteeing the quality of everything leaving our beautiful Channel Island facility. We are overseeing the entire production – all blending, testing, bottling, labelling, and distribution done right here in the UK.

This week we start at the beginning of the process – planting

Our cuttings are taken from mother plants which have been selected from seed for their specific phenotype. The mother would have been selected for characteristics such as yield, cannabinoid content, terpene profile, structure, resistance to pests, mildew and mould. Once we have found the mother she will be kept in optimum conditions in a vegetative state (18 hour daylight cycle). The cuttings that come from the mother will be a genetic copy so we can ensure we produce the highest quality plants.

The cuttings are carefully planted out using an organic soil from the Dutch company BioBizz – only the very best for our babies. Cannabis is actually quite a  fussy plant when it comes to balancing the pH and ensuring the correct nitrogen to phosphorus ratio and these guys really know their stuff.

Below is a link to the BioBizz website and all the certifications they have which are quite outstanding.

Now the cuttings are planted they need lots of sunshine, heat and hydration and soon they’ll be beautiful, fragrant plants. Look out for our time lapse video of the grow – coming soon!

Next week: Update on the indica harvest.

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