Hugo February ’20 Update

Hugo smiling in bedHello, it’s me Hugo, my people describe me as a gorgeous, well behaved, fun loving staffie and I describe them simply as ‘my world.’ I have a wonderful life with lots of love and cuddles and my favourite thing is meeting up with my friends for fun and frolics.
When my mum is at work I’m is taken out by my dog walker David. He takes me and my chums to some fabulous places including the park, the countryside and the beach.

One day Mum was in the house when David dropped me back from my walk, she was running late and wasn’t supposed to be there but what she overheard was just the sweetest thing ever.

As he was shutting the door David called out to me “Bye Hugo, love you” ❤️

How fabulous is that? My Mummy was a bit leaky around her eyes after she heard that but I soon licked her happy tears away and made her laugh by goofing around. David also gave all us doggos in his care a Christmas present and always goes the extra mile for our Mums and Dads, nothing is too much trouble, he’s great and me and my mates always cover him with licks to let him know how much we love him.

I’m such a lucky boy although we did have a slight hiccup when Mum forgot to reorder my Soothe balm last week. Apparently I’m typical of white short coated dogs in that I get rashes and red itchy patches but since discovering Soothe my skin has felt and looked amazing. Thankfully I was only without it for a couple of days and my skin is back to being fabulous! I also have Relax massaged into my ears at night, I love it so much, it smells lovely and makes me feel all calm inside and snuggly – doesn’t stop me taking over the whole bed every night thought, it’s a dog’s duty to hog the bed!


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