Hugo June ’20 Update

Hey fellow canines wassup?!

I’m living my best life with my family, for some reason they are all at home with me and it’s brilliant! I’m missing my dog walker but Mummy and hooman pups are taking me for long yomps and we’ve even been camping which was fab cos I could sit in the tent and eat moths and other winged snacks.

Mummy still spoils me but I’m totally worth it, I mean just look at my face, how could anyone resist my staffy awesomeness?

My skin doesn’t get dry and sore anymore because Mummy massages my magic Soothe balm in every day and at night I have an awesome ear rub with Relax balm and I’m soon snoring….

I’m the luckiest boy in the world and I’m even happier now because I’m allowed to meet up with my friends in the woods and we can play chase and frisbee and bark at squirrels – life is good!


Ps. Check out my ‘play dead’ pose, I’m kinda stoked with how good it is, been practicing it lots especially at bath time!


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