Luna June ’20 update

I’m 135 days seizure free!


You can read all about my terrible start to life, the horrible prognosis as well as my transformation from sickly baby to healthy, happy and loved pooch over on the Herbal Health Pets Group. My Mummy tells everyone about the lovely people in there who helped save my life.


Having my people at home for the past three months has been a blessing for me. I guess because of my bad start to life I’m a tad needy and over protective of my pack but Mummy has been working on that and my four legged sisters have been very understanding. It took a while for me to get the hang of peeing outside but with lots of encouragement, rewards and love we made it which I’m kinda proud of.

My family are just the best, I love the little human puppies, they play with me all the time but I truly love Mummy most of all because she saved my life!

I’m not fitting anymore thanks to my magic medicine and my burns have long healed thanks to Soothe balm. Mummy still massages my ears and neck every day with Relax which really helps calm me down, especially if we are going out in the car. I used to puke with anxiety but not anymore, I just get extra Relax balm which everyone loves the smell of – I love it too but prefer fresh fox poo (don’t tell Mummy though!) 


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