Pets Corner

Welcome to Pets Corner
We all love our pets and want the absolute best for them. We’ve put together some of our favourite hemp seed oil products for your furry friends to keep them in tip top condition. We’re chatting to lots of lovely suppliers and we’ll be adding to the range throughout the year, so be sure to pop back regularly.
You’ll also find regular updates from our four legged bloggers Ted and Ziggy who are fabulously naughty and very entertaining.
Head over to the Herbal Health Pets Facebook group for helpful advice and tips about keeping your fur family in tip top condition – they really know their stuff!

Ziggy June ’20 update

Well, life hasn’t changed a huge amount for me during lockdown other than my hooman is home more getting under my feet. Don’t get me wrong, the extra belly rubs and snacks are very welcome but her indoors preoccupation with my waistline is somewhat tiresome. Admittedly my girth is rather ‘generous’ but I’m a happy […]

Ted June ’20 update

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen, Ted the terrier checking in to see how everyone is doing. I’m currently on furrylough from my day job as guard dog – for some reason my Two-legs are here all the time so I don’t have to look out of the window and bark at passers by. It’s different but […]

Luna June ’20 update

I’m 135 days seizure free!   You can read all about my terrible start to life, the horrible prognosis as well as my transformation from sickly baby to healthy, happy and loved pooch over on the Herbal Health Pets Group. My Mummy tells everyone about the lovely people in there who helped save my life. […]

Hugo June ’20 Update

Hey fellow canines wassup?! I’m living my best life with my family, for some reason they are all at home with me and it’s brilliant! I’m missing my dog walker but Mummy and hooman pups are taking me for long yomps and we’ve even been camping which was fab cos I could sit in the […]

Ted February ’20 update

Ted was VERY excited when he tried the Doggie -licious organic hemp treats today! Perfect for a healthy snacker like him – and if his reaction is anything to go by, the unhealthy snackers will love them, too!x

Ziggy February ’20 update

Well I’m deep in disgrace this week! How was I supposed to know I’d kicked a poop out of my litter box? Is it my fault that my little ‘gift’ then got lodged in the hoover brushes – ok it did stink a bit but in my defence that’s down to the diet she has […]

Luna February ’20 update

26 days seizure free! Luna is gaining weight and becoming the mischievous, fun pup that a month ago was far beyond the realms of anything her family could have hoped for. To get the latest updates on Luna The Wonder Pup visit the Herbal Health Pets Group where her updates are featured. It’s such a […]

Hugo February ’20 Update

Hello, it’s me Hugo, my people describe me as a gorgeous, well behaved, fun loving staffie and I describe them simply as ‘my world.’ I have a wonderful life with lots of love and cuddles and my favourite thing is meeting up with my friends for fun and frolics. When my mum is at work […]