CBD Belgian Milk Mint Chocolate Bar 40g (Sativa)


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100mg CBD Sativa Whole Plant Extract infused with 40 grams Belgian Milk Chocolate

Ingredients : CBD, sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, soy lecithin (E322), natural vanilla, peppermint oil

minimum cocoa solids 33.5%, minimum milk solids 20%

Allergy Advice : May contain nuts and wheat   Storage Advice : Keep in a cool dry place or refrigerator

“Our CBD produced through critical CO2 extractions and as well as great CBD levels, this product contains over 75 cannabidoids, terpenoids and terpenes”

Cannabidiol is not an addictive substance, has no side effects and its is not possible to overdose on CBD.

Each chocolate bar contains 10 squares

All of our CBD Belgian Chocolate Bars are made in association with an exquisite Chocolatier.

100mg Sativa 14% CBD Whole Plant Extract with 40 grams of Belgian Milk Chocolate

  • 10 mg of Whole Plant Extract per square
  • 1.4mg of pure CBD per square

Please note this product contains <0.01% THC.

The FSA advises, as a precaution, that healthy adults should not take more than 70mg of CBD per day unless a doctor has agreed a higher amount.


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