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Our supplier met Udaya Thapa 20 years ago and since then we have become firm friends and Udaya is my “go to” for anything to do with Nepal.

Over the years Udaya has produced hemp clothes, bags, paper, hats, scarves etc etc.

Udaya was born and raised in Nepal and has a deep understanding and passion for his country. He has seen many dark times but remains the eternal optimist.

His mantra is “Trade not Aid” – he has seen far too often well-intended aid being diverted into the pockets of the few whereas trade provides income, work and dignity for those who need it most.

As a child Udaya was taken for walks in the hills with his grandfather where the hemp grew wild. His grandfather called the hemp seeds “Brain Food”.

Udaya produces in or around Kathmandu and uses contacts and friends built up throughout the years. Production only facilitates in small units where ethical practices are paramount – fair wages, good and safe working conditions, no child labour.

Udaya and his Nepali friends are smart and inventive and will usually come up with solutions to any asks. Hence, in no time at all they had started to produce the simple face masks made from a hemp/cotton mix.

These Masks are totally reusable and washable not to mention comfortable.


55% Hemp and 45% Cotton double layer face mask with elastic loops.
Soft and comfortable to wear. Machine washable and reusable.

Unexpanded measurements are 16cm wide and 10.5 cm high (expands to 13cm) with 17cm elastic loops.

Please note that these are not surgical masks but masks for everyday use.

Dye free, Vegan Friendly, Bio-degradable, 100% natural

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