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Hemp Soap Bars (100g)


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Amazing fragrances to choose from: Hemp Carrot & Calendula; Hemp Rosemary & Lavender; Hemp Garden (Rosemary and Tea Tree); Hemp Orange & Patchouli; Hemp Naked (unscented)

Choose from individual bars, two soaps in a gift box, or all five soaps with a hemp bag.

100g hemp soap bars….made locally…with love.
Long lasting soap bars containing cold pressed hemp seed oil and
offering a choice of subtle and wonderful fragrances.

The Omega’s in Hemp Seed Oil are good for all skins – both moisturising and soothing. Especially good for sensitive skin and also managing skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Please note there has been a small increase in price of our soap products.

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Hemp Carrot & Calendula, Hemp Rosemary & Lavender, Hemp Garden (Rosemary and Tea Tree), Hemp Orange & Patchouli, Hemp Naked (unscented), Gift box set – Pastoral – Rosemary/Lavender & Rosemary/Tea Tree, Gift box set – Orange – Orange/Patchouli & Carrot/Calendula, Gift box set – Garden – Rosemary/Tea Tree & Naked, Gift box set – Dream – Orange/Patchouli & Rosemary & Lavender, All five fragrancies in a hemp bag

3 reviews for Hemp Soap Bars (100g)

  1. trish.collins333 (verified owner)

    Trying to reduce plastics, I have tried a fair few herbal (solid) soaps. The lavender & rosemary is one of the best ones. Pleasant smell, lathers up well and a good price. These will be a regular add-on to my CBD orders!

  2. trish.collins333 (verified owner)

    Rosemary and tea tree is a more textured soap. Nice. Lathers well, I feel this is a good exfoliating soap when rubbed over the body.

  3. Becce Flint (verified owner)

    Lavender and rosemary soap is beautiful I’m a huge soap addict I truly adore this wonderfully scented soap and will definitely buy more thank you!

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