Vegetative growth and bio controls!

During Vegetative stage, the plants must come out at different stages of the year dependent on Strain.

The TOA indica can come out earlier than all the other Strains that we grow as it has an Auto flower genetic. We have managed 2 harvests this year with only the natural sunlight which is fantastic!

The Suffolk reds, CBG and Guernsey Purple (Rum) will all come out around June as they have a shorter flowering period which generally triggers the plant into flower quicker than the longer flowering strains such as Guernsey Gold…..This beauty won’t come out for vegetative growth until closer to July and she will only be finishing flowering in November!

During Vegetative growth we insist only the best feed for our plants. Alongside our BioBizz All Mix Soil we use BioBizzOrganic Nutrients. We follow a very simple schedule but ensure that we do not over do the nutrients and keep our PH and PPM well monitored. All our daily feeds are recorded, and we have PH and PPM checks recorded twice each day.

Bio Control measures are incredibly important for the health of our plants! It’s important to us to only utilise fully organic methods not only to feed our plants but to treat and protect them from any nasty pests!

We currently use natural live predators which feed on any pests that would likely cause damage to the leaves of our Cannabis Plants. For the dreaded spider mites that are omnipresent within the cannabis growing industry, we use predator mites as we find these to work best for the job of keeping on top of any potential colonies. Neoseiulus californicus targets all stages but prefers the larval and nymphal stages. Predatory mites also live offother mites and pollen and can survive for several weeks without food making them super effective to have in the greenhouse.

Aphids can be another nuisance in the Greenhouse, but we find that Chrysopa, better known as lacewing, is a native predator that often spontaneously occurs in greenhouses and open fields. The larvae are extremely greedy and efficient against aphids. We add to the natural colonies of Chrysopa and this will keep aphid levels down without us ever noticing them.

Next week we can head into the flowering stage and we will have lots of beautiful pictures of the most glorious buds to share with you all!

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