What is a cannabis strain?

Cannabis is believed to have originated in Central Asia, but over the course of millennia, conquest and exploration would carry the plant to virtually every continent. Cultivators selectively bred their plants to suit the needs of their communities.

Over many generations, variations within cultivars began to develop in each pocket of the world where cannabis had taken root. These variations became known as landrace strains.

Many of these landrace strains were collected from their native habitats and brought to the West, where they were crossbred with one another by horticulturists seeking to explore the plant’s potential. This process of hybridization—breeding different males with different females—has given rise to the thousands of named varieties we consume today.

You’ve probably also heard the terms “indica,” “sativa,” and “hybrid” when discussing cannabis strains. These three types primarily refer to the various plant shapes and structures, features that are important for growers. Consumers have long thought that indicas have sedating effects, sativas promote energy, and hybrid effects fall somewhere in between.

Today, cannabis classification more or less operates in the following categories:

  • High-THC, low-CBD (more euphoric)
  • High-CBD, low-THC (more clear-headed)
  • Balanced CBD and THC (mildly euphoric)

Each of these three “chemotypes” offer unique medical benefits and effect profiles.

Here’s what we’re working on….

Guernsey purple (Rum) which will be turned into rosin via our automated rosin press machine using only heat and pressure. There is no need for the use of any solvents in this process. The rosin will then be infused into the wonderful Indica Rum.

CBG Strain. These are phenotype of hemp that not only produces very low amount of THC but also CBD. It actually contains up to 15% CBG and very little any other cannabinoids. The flowers produce a very rich tangerine aroma.

Suffolk Reds. These plants can grow up to 4 metres tall and produce upwards of 2kg per plant! It has a beautiful citrus profile and dominant in the limonene terpenes that have many benefits in its own right. This strain only produces around 10% CBD but the THC levels are near non-existent until extraction!

Guernsey Gold plants. This strain has been pheno-hunted for the specific genetic that was high in CBD with a whopping 25% and only 0.6% THC! Last year, out of 500 seeds, each plant had a cutting taken at the vegetative stage of growth. We kept the cuttings alive until the mothers had all finished flowering so we could test for cannabinoid content also resistance against mildew, mould and pests.

Out of 500 we managed to narrow it down to one mother plant known as J2D5, named after her position in the greenhouse.

‘The Original Alternative Indica’ these are an auto flower genetic meaning it has a Ruderalis gene, allowing the plant to trigger into flower without the need of a 14 hour or less daylight cycle like most photoperiod plants. Although it has the Auto-flower genetic it is still a dominant Indica. The father was a full indica and the mother was a hybrid of a Ruderalis and a High CBD Sativa. The pheno that was finally selected kept the autoflower genetic from the Ruderalis, the high CBD from the sativa and the structure and terpene profile from the Indica! It has beautiful purple flowers and a great berry like profile. The terpenes are very rich and high levels of myrcene and linalool are present.

Next week we will look into the vegetative growth of our plants and what we use for our Bio Control.

Hope you love the photos – aren’t our plants magnificent?!

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