Ziggy February ’20 update

Ziggy recliningWell I’m deep in disgrace this week! How was I supposed to know I’d kicked a poop out of my litter box? Is it my fault that my little ‘gift’ then got lodged in the hoover brushes – ok it did stink a bit but in my defence that’s down to the diet she has me on! You’d think she’d be grateful that I deposited my next one squarely in the middle of the tray two minutes after she cleaned it but instead I was manhandled outside like a peasant cat! It’s ok though fans, I found a lovely plant pot which after I’d dug out the ridiculous flowers makes a perfect loo. My digging skills are pretty legendary nowadays – I’m feeling so much better on my green oil, my arthritis is under control and I’m much more mobile.
My little swing door to the house has been causing issues too, it appears to have shrunk and while I can get my head through, the rest of me keeps getting wedged and no one appreciates me calling for help in the middle of the night so it’s been locked shut….
Maybe I should stick to my diet after all and stop mugging everyone for leftovers….

Nah, life’s too short!



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