Ziggy June ’20 update

Well, life hasn’t changed a huge amount for me during lockdown other than my hooman is home more getting under my feet. Don’t get me wrong, the extra belly rubs and snacks are very welcome but her indoors preoccupation with my waistline is somewhat tiresome. Admittedly my girth is rather ‘generous’ but I’m a happy old boy and can still wriggle my way through my portal to the garden so I’m not sure what the problem is. Our idea of snacks aren’t the same either, she has introduced new ones that don’t taste so good, they’re called ‘healthy’ and can I just say that brand isn’t as nice as a slice of cheese! I’m hoping she ditches that brand soon before I waste away – to a beach ball!

I’m definitely moving around more which seems to please her – my arthritis is bothering me less thanks to my daily doses of magic oil and I’m enjoying spreading myself across the path to soak up the sun, I’m a proper beach bum in the summer.



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