22nd May 2023

Can I use CBD products whilst pregnant? 

The usage of CBD products is becoming increasingly popular throughout the UK. With individuals using oils or shampoos, or even giving CBD treats to their pets. Whilst it is an individual’s decision on what they consume, their lifestyle and habits are their own personal choice, the usage of CBD products whilst being pregnant is not endorsed. 


UK Food Standards Agency

The UK Food Standards Agency Guidelines advise consumers not to take CBD oil, CBD capsules or any other CBD cannabinoid products whilst pregnant or breastfeeding. Whilst we want everyone to experience our high-quality CBD products, and these can impact their lives, at CBD Brothers we support this judgment from the UK FDA. 

Our position

Our position on usage of CBD products whilst breastfeeding or pregnant

As a reputable and long-standing grower, producer and supplier of CBD products, we do not endorse any usage of CBD products that is not supported by a reputable scientific study. It is because of this lack of research, that we would urge any expectant mother or breastfeeding mother to avoid using CBD products. As doing this is not advised. We again strongly advise and encourage against the use of any CBD products whilst pregnant or breastfeeding.

Is there research on taking CBD products whilst pregnant? 

Currently, there has been no comprehensive, or trustworthy research conducted which examines the effects of CBD on a developing fetus, unborn baby, pregnant mother, or breastfed baby. This is most probably because the effects are unknown, that research has not been carried out. With so much at stake, conducting this research would be very difficult. 

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