About Us

A family owned company, passionate about the benefits of CBD and advocating the use of plants.
Cannabis field

CBD Brothers

We are a family-owned company based in the UK, that grows, manufactures and sells CBD products to help people with their health. Working in the care sector we saw first-hand the incredible benefits of CBD and through the love of helping others, have grown from providing homemade remedies to friends and family from our garage to becoming one of the longest trading CBD companies in the UK.

We continue to be at the forefront of making historic changes to cannabis legislation. A company born out of a passion for helping others. Our dedication and passion have helped us become the first supplement company in the UK to be granted a license to grow full-spectrum cannabis in Guernsey. We continue to lead the way by developing new products that help make life better for people around the world – all while continuing our commitment as pioneers in this industry.

While continuing to expand the scale of our operation, our priorities remain the same as they were on the day of our inception. Our morals, ethics and passion for providing the highest quality extracts and products to benefit as many people as possible have and always will motivate our progression.

Our team share the same passion and foresight and we believe this team ethic and company unity are one of the key contributing factors to our success.