White Edition Oil Snap Packs

Great for evening use

Night Use

Looking for a mellow and relaxing CBD Oil? White Edition is the one for you. Our finest Indica extract is used to create a smooth and sultry oil that’s perfect for evening use. Indoor-grown buds and flowers ensure the highest quality, so you can relax and unwind after a long day with ease.

Snap Pack contains 5 drops of oil.



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  • Indica

    Our Indica flower is expertly grown to include the finest terpenes. A high-quality CBD
  • Grown in Greenhouse

    Grown indoors, using grow lights in a controlled environment, for maximum cannabinoid content and yield
  • CO2 Extraction

    Extracted under low heat and low pressure conditions.
  • 3% CBD Content

    Light CBD content


Mg of CBD

  • Nominal CBD/CBDA content – 7.5mg/per snap pack
  • A nominal CBD/CBDA content of 1.5mg per drop


  • Complete Cannabinoid Extract
  • Organic Hemp Seed Oil


Start with one snap pack once a day and increase dosage if required.

The FSA advises, as a precaution, that healthy adults should not take more than 70mg of CBD per day unless a doctor has agreed to a higher amount. Please consult your doctor for possible medicines interaction. Do not use you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Please note this product contains <0.01% THC.


To dispense the contents of the Snap Pack, hold over your mouth holding both ends of the packet, one with your thumb and one with your index finger or two fingers for more control. Squeeze and apply slight pressure to the Snap Pack until you hear a snapping sound then the oil will start dispensing.

Sublingual application. Hold under tongue for two minutes before swallowing

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