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My name is Andrew Bayley and I am the founder of the company, I am passionate about this more so than anything in my life so far, having lost a brother and very recently my father to what I believe to be to chemotherapy as much if not more so than cancer itself. Knowing what I now know, and constantly learning as I seek to further educate myself, I want to share this with others as knowledge is power.


I decided called the company CBD Brothers despite starting the organisation alone, as I’ve had have help from many good friends along the way and am now lucky enough to have Ben, Pat, Zee, David, Alex, Kelly, Ansti and many other “brothers and sisters” alongside me and constantly making more on my journey and will no doubt do so forever more. The original farmer I met in Holland is a like-minded genuine man, a brother of mother earth who like me puts HEALTH BEFORE WEALTH, as do the numerous others that now grow for us/you across Europe, as we only work with like minded passionate individuals.


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10-10 Farm, Kiln Lane

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