Welcome to CBD Brothers and please accept our apologies for the temporary lack of content, we are updating and improving after advisement from the MHRA, the agency does not recognise Cannabis as medicinal so have had to take down the history of Cannabis and more frustratingly reviews and feedback from you, the customer. You can still order as usual because this system is not affected. The site will be updated with fresh content in the near future. In the meantime refer to our Facebook page for advice, where you will find a collection of welcoming individuals who will be happy to offer advice from their own personal experience using our extracts to treat their own conditions. 21/09/2016

We use whole plant Cannabis extracts imported from Europe, we have a Cannabis Indica grown in Holland indoors under lights in a controlled environment, an Indica dominant hybrid grown outdoors in Holland and a Sativa grown outdoors across Europe. The plants are grown organically and the oils are extracted via C02 Critical extraction. All extracts are independently tested for Cannabinoid content and lack of heavy metal/pesticide presence.We combine with only organic ingredients to make a range of products in our own specifically built laboratory located in Suffolk, UK. All ingredients are sourced from reputable suppliers in the UK.

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Disclaimer: The contents of this page are my opinion and my story and should be taken as that only.

Hello and welcome to cbdbrothers.com. My name is Andrew Bayley, I am the founder of CBDB, I am passionate about this more so than anything in my life so far, having lost a brother and very recently my father to what I believe to be to chemotherapy as much if not more so than cancer itself. Knowing what I now know, and constantly learning more as I seek to further educate myself so that I may share this with others as knowledge is power.

I called the company CBD Brothers despite starting the organisation alone as have have help from many good friends along the way, and am constantly making more on my journey and will no doubt do so in the future, my original supplier who I met in Holland is a like minded genuine man, a brother of mother earth who like me puts HEATH BEFORE WEALTH, as do the numerous others that now grow for us/you across Europe.

CBD can be taken daily via sublingual administration (under the tongue), by capsule, as a Balm and we can also make suppositories specifically to order. All our extracts are 100% natural with no chemicals or additives, If you have not knowingly had CBD in the past, you would have received it would if you were breast fed as a child, Cannabinoids are found in breast milk and is crucial for proper human development! Please take time to read and educate yourself as you or a loved one will be affected by this at sometime, even if you do not feel CBD is for you please check out LIFESTYLE for some great advice and tips. All the information on here is widely available on the internet, We will be constantly updating and posting relevant articles and information on NEWS AND UPDATES so please come again, we are also on facebook and twitter, please like and share if you agree with our ethos. If you have any questions or advice for me please email and one of us will reply as soon as possible.

Thank you.