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CBD Brothers Blue Edition Oil (Sativa)


5ml trial size available – CBD Trial Sizes – CBD Brothers



For this product we use a Hemp Sativa Whole Plant Extract > 25% CBD, extracted from female plants which are grown under the sun. Only the buds and flowers are used for extracts of the highest quality. Diluted in organic Hemp Seed Oil.

Mg of CBD per 10ml

  • Nominal CBD/CBDA content – 500mg/10ml
  • This equates to 5% per bottle
  • Each 10ml bottle contains approximately 190-200 drops per 10ml
  • This equates to a nominal CBD/CBDA of 2.5mg per drop

Ingredients per 10ml

  • Hemp Sativa Whole Plant Extract (nominal CBD/CBDA content – 500mg/10ml)
  • Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil


  • 10ml CBD/CBDA content – 500mg/10ml
  • 30ml CBD/CBDA content – 1500mg/30ml
  • 100ml CBD/CBDA content – 5000mg/100ml

Please note this product contains <0.01% THC.

The FSA advises, as a precaution, that healthy adults should not take more than 70mg of CBD per day unless a doctor has agreed a higher amount.

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking any medications or under medical supervision, please consult a doctor or healthcare professional before use.

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5ml (250mg CBD) – Trial Size, 10ml (500mg CBD), 30ml (1500mg CBD), 100ml (5000mg CBD)

14 reviews for CBD Brothers Blue Edition Oil (Sativa)

  1. craigp3cs

    I have been using Blue for a year now and would be lost without it! It is strong, which I need (I have also tried the Black which is AMAZING but unfortunately price prohibitive for the quantity I need).

    Thank you CBD Brothers, and I LOVE your new website!!

  2. julieandsam1998 (verified owner)

    As i am new to these products I bought a selection of samples (green, blue, purple and white) I found the blue edition the most beneficial. Within about 2 days of taking it I`started to notice a difference with my general wellbeing, I felt more uplifted and positive and even my partner noticed I seemed more ‘illuminated’ – his words not mine.

  3. Charlotte williams

    I purchased this on behalf of my Nan who previously had been on another well known cbd product.
    The blue one which she is now on has by far superseded the previous oil.
    Although my Nan is still still on waking, she finds daily tasks much much easier

  4. shadyasfack (verified owner)

    This CBD oil is fantastic, works a treat for us and has made family life so much happier for us all. I recommend this company to anyone interested in CBD oil and will never buy elsewhere. Really lovely staff too.

  5. Adam Hughes

    Only tryed the blue and purple editions and love them both I find the blue helps me socially and the the purple helps with my back, or maybe they both do but the blue definitely give me more drive. Thank you TOA.

  6. shelleyhitchcock3 (verified owner)

    My order went missing in the post. After contacting the company a new order was dispatched straight away. Excellent service

  7. Brennan Woollands (verified owner)

    Fast delivery and a fantastic product. Totally dig TOA, great brand, brilliant service and quality products. 101% recommend.

  8. Luke Davis (verified owner)

    This product has quite simply changed my life for the better. My attitude has been positive. Timely delivery and a great product, thank you and you will get a monthly order from me! The actual dropper can be a bit fiddly but that’s the only negative I can muster, but for the effectiveness of the product I can take that on the chin. ❤

  9. Kim (verified owner)

    Fantastic product. Has made such a difference to my life!

  10. Diana Gillingham (verified owner)

    I am so pleased and impressed with the improvement it has made to my quality of life. Thank you xx

  11. HB

    Thank you for replacing our missing order in transit to France. Very quick response and replacements arrived within 4 days…excellent service!

  12. Victoria

    I have the blue edition, this has helped with my back, as have back spinal issues,just thr right does to take the edge off my anxiety, I feel chilled calmer an get on with my everyday duties,before my father passed away from terminal cancer he tried this an helped him sleep took the edge off things, so greatful, I purchased mine from the bury shop, excellent friendly service, couldn’t ask for more, in my experience cbd brothers is the best. I wouldn’t purchase any other brand, thabkyou

  13. Richard (verified owner)

    My 84 year dad received his Pfizer vaccine and a few weeks later developed shingles which is being shown to occur more in more in older people after receiving their vaccine (It seems to reignite the virus) . This left him with crippling ‘post herpetic neuralgia’ with 24/7 nerve pain down his legs and into his feet. This continued for 4 months without respite. I bought him this blue edition and he took approximately 8-10 drops and after a couple of weeks the pain started to subside a couple of months later the acute pain is gone and he is now able to walk again.

    I’ve been taking it myself for anxiety but I can’t say i’ve noticed a difference but I am still a firm believer that CBD does nothing but good things for your brain and body.

  14. Bob Fuller

    I visited the Bury shop last Saturday and was guided to the Blue Edition. Having suffered lower back pain for 45 years, no treatment relieves the pain by much or for long. I have had my current pain for 3 months so was desperate to seek a new approach. After just 3 applications and 24 hours later, the pain has subsided by at least 50%. I am sold on this product, I can now look forward to a better quality of life.

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