7th July 2022

How To Take CBD?


There are so many questions surrounding CBD Oil and its use and consumption. We are here to answer some of the most common questions about CBD Oil and extract.

See also our previous post “What’s The Difference Between Hemp & CBD Oil?” if you are still not sure what CBD oil is or how it works. There are many ways to take CBD Oil and extract and have outlined them and the questions surrounding them.

In what form should you take CBD?

The most efficient way to take CBD is in oil form… but why?

Oil is easier to absorb and starts working quickly, often within 10-15 minutes. Nothing is lost in the digestive system due to administering under the tongue. Oils offer more value for money. It is available in a range of different strengths, perfect for individualising your dosage.

How do you take CBD Oil?

The easiest and most common is to take it sublingually. Simply drop the oil under your tongue and hold for 2 minutes so the CBD can be absorbed into your bloodstream.

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How much oil should you take?

This is a pretty sensible question, albeit a difficult one to answer. We recommend to start low and slow.  Start with 2 to 3 drops a day and build up the dose slowly over time if required.

(As a precaution the FSA recommends that healthy adults do not take more than 70mg of CBD per day unless a health professional agrees a higher dose. This is approximately 28 drops of a 5% oil, which is the same as our Blue Edition Oil.)

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