Make your own

This section is here to help you create your own capsules, suppositories or droppers, as well as being able to customise your dosages. Also, making your own can often help you save money.

What you will need for making your capsules:

Please note the amounts shown in the video are

incorrect, use the amounts shown below.

Capsules per 24 Extract Coconut oil
50mg 1.2g 10.8g
75mg 1.8g 10.2g
100mg 2.4g 9.6g
150mg 3.6g 8.4g
200mg 4.8g 7.2g
250mg 6.g 6.g

To calculate the amount of CBD per capsule the concentration of the extract should be converted from % to 1 decimal place e.g. 14% would be 0.14. So, when making a 50mg capsule with a 14% concentrate there would be 7mg of CBD per capsule.

50 (mg of extract) X 0.14 (% of concentrate) = 7 (mg of CBD per capsule)

Suppository per 10 Extract Cocoa butter
50mg 0.5g 19.5g
75mg 0.75g 19.25g
100mg 1g 19g
150mg 1.5g 18.5g
200mg 2g 18g
250mg 2.5g 17.5g

What you will need:

Oil/Tincture Extract Carrier oil
500mg 500mg 9.5ml
1000mg 1000mg 9ml
1500mg 1500mg 8.5ml
2000mg 2000mg 8ml