15mg CBD Lavender Patches

CBD Brothers 15mg CBD Lavender Patch – your natural path to soothing relief and tranquillity!

Our CBD Patches with Lavender combine 15mg of pure and potent CBD with Lavender Essential Oil to create a unique therapeutic experience designed to help promote a better quality sleep and introduce calm to our busy lives.

Lavender essential oil is known for its calming and de-stressing properties and patches infused with CBD are particularly effective due to their high bioavailability and ease of use we’ve combined the two, preparing them with premium CBD isolate so they are completely THC free.

CBD Patches with Lavender release a round-the-clock, slow, and steady dose of CBD and can be used in conjunction with our oils to keep you topped up throughout the day should you need an extra boost. They even tell you when they need to be changed as they have a transparent base and a coloured grid pattern that slowly fades as their CBD is absorbed by the body.

CBD patches with Lavender oil – for sleep and calm


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  • Sativa

    An energising and uplifting Sativa expertly grown
  • Isolate Extraction

    Highly refined Isolated cannabinoids.


Mg of CBD

  • 15mg per patch
  • 450mg in one pack
  • One pack contains 30 patches



  • CBD Isolate
  • Lavender Essential Oil

Patch Material

  • Face Sheet: 0.102 mm clear FT-200 polyethylene
  • Adhesive: Moderate molecular weight, non-crosslinking, Acrylic co-polymer pressure sensitive adhesive.


Start with one patch once a day and increase dosage if required.

The FSA advises, as a precaution, that healthy adults should not take more than 70mg of CBD per day unless a doctor has agreed to a higher amount. Please consult your doctor for possible medicines interaction. Do not use you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Please note this product contains no THC.


  1. Put one CBD patch on a dry hairless spot
  2. Slightly press the patch onto the skin for 5 seconds
  3. Remove the patch after 12-36 hours

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