The Original Alternative Dermabalm 50g


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This rich luxurious cream has been specially formulated by outstanding herbal practitioners to soothe and heal almost any skin condition. From eczema and psoriasis to hives, nettle rash and razor rash – this is the one skin cream you don’t want to be without.




Hypericum perforatum L. (St. John’s Wort) Flowers

Calendula officinalis L. (Calendula) Flowers

Prunus Amygdalus dulcis (Mill.) D. A. Webb (Sweet Almond Oil)

Vegetable Glycerin

Borago officinalis L. (Borage Seed Oil)

Simmondsia chinensis (Link) C. K. Schneid. (Jojoba Oil)

Cetostearyl alcohol

Cera alba (Beeswax)

Glyceryl monostearate

Polyglyceryl 3 dicitrate/stearate

Ethyl hexyl stearate

Olea europaea L. (Organic Olive Oil)

Hypericum perforatum L. (St. John’s Wort) Organic Flowers

Vitamin E

Propylene Glycol





Caprylyl Glycol



Apply sparingly to affected areas, as recommended by your practitioner.

Please note this product may contain alcohol derivatives.

Dosing guidelines are for adults only, for children under the age of 18 please seek guidance from a qualified practitioner.

Not all herbs are suitable in pregnancy, breastfeeding or if you are unwell, have health concerns or an ongoing illness. If you are taking any other medication, please check with our qualified medical herbalist before using one of our herbal products.


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