Empty Suppository Moulds – 2ml

For making CBD suppositories

These disposable “easy-peel” torpedo suppository molds are suitable for hand or machine filling. The shell film is composed of a PVC outer layer and inner layer of polyethylene. Each 2ml suppository mold is notched and perforated for easy separating, with easy-peel edges for quick opening.

Cannabis suppositories are usually torpedo-shaped masses that are administered rectally. They are around an inch in length and made of either cannabis-infused coconut oil or cocoa butter infused with Cannabis Oil.

Once administered, the medicinal compounds in suppositories are quickly absorbed through the intestinal wall directly into the bloodstream, which results in “superior bio-availability” over other forms of administration

Note: This product is designed to be heat sealed but it is not required if you are using them for home use.

Quantity – 30 moulds


Suppository Ratios
This chart is to make 2ml suppositories
Qty Milligram CBD (grams) Cacao Butter


10 50mg 0.5g 19.5g
10 100mg 1g 19g
10 150mg 1.5g 18.5g
10 200mg 2g 18g
10 250mg 2.5g 17.5g


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