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Brilliant product and service

Brilliant product and service. This is a brand I trust as they have been in the industry since the beginning and know through word of mouth how good they are.
My dog has bone growths on his spine which cause him severe nerve pain. The vets had him on a high dose of tramadol and gabbapentin – he was out of his head the whole time with no visible signs of improvement.
I have stopped the gabbapentin all together, reduced the tramadol dosage down to 25% of what the vet recommended and he has cbd twice a day with food – the difference to his life is visible. It’s like I’ve got my pup back, he’s 10 y/o but is now bouncing around like a pup again, he interacts with me and my other dog again and actually runs on walks, not chasing, running because he can. He plays with my other dog again and is clearly enjoying life.
Don’t buy animal specific cbd, buy the highest concentrate possible and dose accordingly. So chuffed I gave this a go with my dog as he now has his life back.


5 Star Review

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