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CBD Brothers for the win!

A friend recommended that I try CBD oil to help me sleep. She was using the purple and said she had great results after a couple of drops each night. I spent a good long while on their very informative website. I suffer from anxiety but it becomes noticeably worse at night. I try and sleep naturally and generally fall asleep pretty quick but *staying* asleep is the challenge – I tend to wake up in the night and then my brain kicks into gear almost immediately (I lie there catastrophising about literally anything and everything). Then I wake up ‘for the day’ and I’m shattered before I even get going. I have a bad lower back issue as well which doesn’t help matters either.

I studied the CBD brothers website, scoured Trustpilot for reviews of specific oil ‘colours’ and eventually settled on two trial sizes which I have since bought in full size for each – and honestly can’t be without it seems – it’s been about a couple of months or so on each but the small gap between replacing the trial size with full size was about a week and there was a definite mood change. On to the products!

I take blue oil at the start of my day after breakfast: I use the blue oil as it was branded as being more of an uplifting experience. Before taking this I was finding myself to be hugely unmotivated and not really able to focus on anything in the day. I take 4-5 drops each time and find that I feel energised mentally and physically, more positive and generally cheerier. I happily go for a quick 2 mile walk most mornings whereas before I would really procrastinate about doing that and find a way to avoid it most days. Don’t get me wrong, this is NOT like some kind of a heart pumping buzz that makes you feel out of control and wired – I just find it makes me feel more alert mentally, more motivated to actually do stuff – a walk, the house cleaning, actually going out and being amongst people with my head up and not down and avoiding eye contact. Less anxious/fixated on the smallest of issues.

The purple oil – I use this at night, just after brushing my teeth before bed and again, I actually find that a higher dosage helps me so I use 4 – 5 drops over the starter suggestion of 2-3 (which I did try but 4-5 is better for me). I find that purple helps me switch off my brain a bit and not go to bed anxious. I drift off soundly but most noticeably – I generally stay asleep now. I may wake up to go for a pee in the night but before that would be it, I’d be up and unable to get back to sleep, now, if I wake up I generally go back to sleep. I don’t wake up groggy from some kind of sleep-aid hangover type thing, I just wake up and my brain is quieter now – less *wake up, brain on, what’s today’s problems to be all consumed by??*.

Every human reacts differently to stuff so whilst this may not be for you, this is working for me. I’ve tried CBD drinks and they do naff all in my opinion. I’ve tried a CBD oil by another brand that I bought at Holland and Barrett at great expense and noticed nothing and it almost put me off completely but had it not been for my friend who also had the same issues at night I wouldn’t have bothered at all.

The fact that CBD Brothers offer a good explanation of what each ‘strain’ does (sativa vs indica vs hybrid), and that there are places like Trustpilot and Facebook for good honest reviews and further explanations into what specific oils (blue/green/purple, etc) do for different people AND, that CBD Brothers offer reasonably priced TRIAL sized bottles that do give you a good amount of introduction into these products – it was a no brainer for me and I highly recommend the company and their products. Couldn’t be without them.


5 Star Review

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