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CBD Brothers were recommended to me…

CBD Brothers were recommended to me some time ago, and a short while back I started trying their CBD oils after having had a rather negative experience with the Jacob Hooy brand, which actually made my anxiety worse. To my understanding, there are different variations of the plant, and it makes sense seeing that after using the products from CBD Brothers, my anxiety has been brought more under control. It hasn’t eradicated it, and I wouldn’t expect it to, but sure enough it’s made it manageable.

I would love to try the Cognifusion product to hopefully assist with my mental state as someone with both autism and ADHD, but unfortunately it contains a few ingredients that could affect my blood sugar levels (I am a type 1 diabetic). I attempted to ask to speak with their medical herbalist, but unfortunately got told they had left. I think it would be worth the company finding another, as trying to find a medical herbalist is difficult, and rather costly, and even though I’ve spoken to one herbalist, the answers I received weren’t satisfactory as she didn’t answer whether or not I could take this product in a safe way, and suggested a tincture of other herbs, some of which also cause lowering of blood sugar levels. So I have felt at a loss for finding a natural remedy to use to improve my mental functioning, as I distrust most orthodox medications due to the side effects they can produce. It would be nice to see this company find a means to better assist those like myself, which may in turn give them a boost (not saying it’s easily possible; it’s just how I feel about it).

Nevertheless, I have had a positive experience with the products by CBD Brothers that I have already used, and would certainly recommend anyone thinking about trying CBD oil give them a look, as there are various options from lower to higher strengths, and they also offer different ways of taking it, from the oil as is, to capsules and patches.


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