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Have been a loyal customer for years

Have been a loyal customer for years . I use the purple paste for tooth absesses. Put it directly on the area and within minutes the pain and inflammation calms down. I have receding guns and suffered tooth loss for many years .since using oils it seems to have near on slowed the tooth loss down and when I do get abscess it sorts them out so I do t lose a tooth. Where antibiotics takes days to start kicking in. Always make sure I have a syringe of the paste in
I also use the paste fory akita dog who has cracking bones from old age and he can’t get enough of the paste or any of my bottles of oils. He will steal them at any opportunity and when he sees me taking oil he runs straight up wagging tail expecting his share. Will lick off the back of my hand . he’s tried the black oil recently too and loves the purple.

I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. I get good results from the purple oil for pain and also gives a calming effect. I use the gold to give me uplift and get a nice mild energy boost. I love the gummies and chocolate and surprisingly only take 1 or a square..where as any other sweets I would eat the full packet lol

Customer service is 2nd to none and any problems are swiftly rectified not that I have had many problems with orders they are quickly dispatched with royal mail .

Wouldn’t trust any other CBD products or company as I’m so satisfied with CBD brother’s

Lisa Davis

5 Star Review

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