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Purple Edition Extract 1g CBD and Hemp Oil For Dogs And Cats

This is my second bottle of Pets Hemp Oil and my cats love this, even more so, my elderly cat. Where he was/is a tad lethargic, he now pops outside and bounces like a SpringBok for 10 minutes then returns indoors for something else to eat and rests.

I give 2 drops in the morning breakfast and 2 drops in the evening meal.

I have noticed that, having the Pet Hemp Oil, their tummies seem more settled and they do not eat the grass as much. And their coats are lovely.

When using the pipette, I found that it is best to apply gentle pressure for the drops to be released and blend well with their desired food.
Don’t place anymore drops or the pets may not eat it.

Give it a week or so, to start noticing the difference…apart from wanting a bit extra food, which, I dont mind, as long as they are comfortable
within themselves.

CBD Brothers have created a great recipe for Pet Hemp Oil.

As for myself, this too is the second batch of the Purple Edition Extract 1g, I found that, once you get use to the taste on the gums, you can leave it on longer. I further found, that , it is better to take it on an empty stomache before breakfast and Tea/Coffee.

My appetite did expand a little, when I shared this with the person who told me about this site, he said that it proves that it is good!

I felt much better within myself. I took it mainly once a day. or if I was in discomfort just before I went to bed.

From my personal experience and sensitive to medication, there is nothing harmful about it.

Great Delivery service, which has to be signed for, but overall fantastic service and fantastic products.

Thank you Very Much.

Kim Fuller

5 Star Review

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