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WOW!! I’ve had a recurring injury since the beginning of the year (shoulder needs operating on) making me reliant on co-codamol at night through painful sleep. After getting some CBD from H&B a few years ago it quite literally got me off crutches and walking upright slowly after 30-odd weeks from Cronic Sciatica within 24 hours, so thought I’d give CBD Brothers (Gold) a go for my shoulder, and WOW…. within 12 hours, the debilitating pain almost totally gone, seriously!! Don’t get me wrong I can still feel the injury, but the CBD has made another positive impact on my life! Actually, feel better within myself too, or maybe it’s the relief from the last few months?! Massive advocate of this stuff now as it’s no coincidence of the healing power. It might work for you, it might not? I was that happy with the first bottle I bought two more within a couple of days – hopefully get this operation sorted in the next two years?!?! CBD Brothers, Gold, works wonders for ligaments and nerves where pharmaceuticals clearly don’t come close. Thanks to Ben, Tina and the guys!!


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