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The Original Alternative Visualeyes 100ml – 200ml


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This best-selling anti-oxidant practitioner designed tonic which includes Bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus) and Eyebright (Euphrasia officinalis) combines well researched herbs which have been used for centuries to maintain good eyesight.



Vaccinium myrtillus L. (Bilberry) Fruit PM**

Euphrasia officinalis L. (Eyebright) Herb

Ginkgo biloba L. (Maidenhair Tree) Leaf PM**

Passiflora incarnata L. (Passionflower) Herb PM**

Vaccinium myrtillus L. (Bilberry) Mirtoselect®



Take 5ml (in a little water)  three times a day for itchy or sore eyes.  5ml (in a little water) once a day for maintenance, or as recommended by your practitioner.

Please note this product contains Ethanol.

Dosing guidelines are for adults only, for children under the age of 18 please seek guidance from a qualified practitioner.

Not all herbs are suitable in pregnancy, breastfeeding or if you are unwell, have health concerns or an ongoing illness. If you are taking any other medication, please check with our qualified medical herbalist before using one of our herbal products.


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100ml, 200ml

1 review for The Original Alternative Visualeyes 100ml – 200ml

  1. Sophie Walmsley (verified owner)

    I’ve suffered with very sensitive eyes since I was about 10 and have been prescribed many different types of eye drops (some allergenic and some medical) over the years. The only really effective drops I’ve used are not meant for long term use, which has been quite a depressing discovery 😢.

    But this tonic is a life saver! I’ve only purchased one bottle so far, but I’ve been very impressed with the results. I don’t necessarily need to use it every day, but if my eyes are looking red I use this tonic once (or twice if they’re really painful) and it really brightens my eyes a lot. It makes me feel more confident in my day to day life (having red eyes is not a good look!).

    Thank you for making this wonderful product – I will forever be a customer!

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