Ziggy is a 10 year old overweight and lazy man cat. Rescued from a shelter where no one else wanted him due to being diagnosed with arthritis in his knees. He is the king of his estate and very talkative, but can be rather annoying as it’s like a high pitched “wha”. He’s extremely friendly but that’s because he loves to snack and anyone carrying food will always be his best friend!
When he piled the weight on, it affected his arthritis to the point where he wasn’t going out to sit on his perch and death stare the birds, (mind you, they weren’t really bothered by his presence due to his size and shape-they know they’re not in any danger) 🤣
He’s now on a diet but strongly resists all attempts to reduce his waistline and has been known to nick food off unguarded plates.

His favourite spot is either in front of his bowl or in his hoomans face.

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